Vacuum 40

A commercial, AI-powered vacuum robot - compact and suitable for both soft and hard floors, making it perfect for hotels with narrow corridors and various flooring types. Equipped with side brushes and an optional mop attachment, it can simultaneously vacuum and sweep carpets, or sweep and dry mop hard floors. Its 3D cameras enable autonomous identification of floor types, allowing it to switch cleaning modes accordingly.

Product Description

3-in-1 Cleaning: Integrates vacuuming, sweeping, and dust mopping functions.

Accessibility: Cleans closely to walls (0-2 cm with the side brush) and reaches hardly accessible areas.

Great Productivity: Achieves high cleaning efficiency, up to 1500 m²/h on a single charge.

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Product Dimensions

Product Size (W x D x H): 

  • 770 x 580 x 900 mm (without side brushes) 
  • 790 x 730 x 900 mm (with side brushes)

Max. Theoretical Productivity: 300-600  m²/h 
Cleaning Width (of roller brush): 400 mm
Trash Tray Capacity: 2,5 L
Dust Bag Capacity: 12 L
Runtime (vacuuming & sweeping): 3 h
Minimum Passable Width (with new softwear): 800 mm
Max. Moving Speed: 0,9 m/s
Min. Turning Width: 110 cm
Charging Time: 2 h

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