Dinerbot T8

T8 delivery robot is designed to streamline delivery processes in different areas, e.g. hospitality, healthcare, etc.

With its advanced technology and autonomous capabilities, T8 ensures fast and accurate delivery, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Product Description

Accessibility: Thanks to T8 compact design and agile maneuverability, this delivery robot can navigate through tight corridors, crowded areas, and narrow passages  without any difficulty.

Advanced Navigation: T8 can navigate autonomously through various environments, ensuring efficient and precise delivery routes.

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Product Dimensions

Size: 380 x 448 x 1068 mm
Net Weight: 32 kg
Layer Size: 383 x 342 mm
Load Capacity: 20 kg (5 kg per layer with bottom layer capacity up to 10 kg)
Maximum Speed: 1.2 m/s
Maximum Angle: ≤ 5°
Battery Capacity: DC 25.9V, 20.8Ah
Battery Life: ≥ 13 h

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