Cleaning Robot Phantas

An AI-powered all-in-one floor cleaning robot made for small to medium-sized commercial spaces, particularly, office buildings.

A cost-effective solution due to its 4 different cleaning modes: sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing and dust mopping. 

Product Description

Accessibility: Thanks to Phantas’ compact design, it is excellent at maneuverability. Possibly, Phantas is the smallest commercial floor cleaning robot, enabling effortless navigation through narrow aisles with a minimum passage height of 65 cm and minimum passage width of 52 cm.

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Product Dimensions

Size (W x D x H): 440 x 540 x 617 mm
Productivity: 400-700 m²/h
Cleaning Width: scrubbing 330 mm; vacuuming/sweeping 410 mm
Runtime: scrubbing 4.5 h; vacuuming 4.5 h; sweeping 12 h; dust mopping 10 h
Minimum Passage Height: 650 mm
Minimum Distance from Edge: 0 mm
Max. Moving Speed: 1 m/s
Gradeability: 8°
Sensing System: LiDAR, 3D Depth Camera, RGB Camera, Anti-Drop Sensor, Anti-Collision Sensor

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