Dinerbot T9 Pro

Dinerbot T9 Pro is an innovative robotic assistant designed to elevate dining experiences in restaurants!

With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the T9 Pro seamlessly integrates into restaurant operations, providing efficient and personalized service to customers.

Product Description

Enhanced Service Capabilities: T9 Pro can perform a variety of tasks, e.g. deliver orders, assist with table service, and engage with customers.

Advanced Navigation: Equipped with advanced navigation technology, T9 Pro can move seamlessly through restaurant environments, ensuring efficient and precise movement.

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Product Parameters

Robot Size (W x D x H): 527 x 500 x 1266 mm
Product Size (W x D x H): 527 x 500 x 1266 mm
Tray Size (W x D): 486 x 384 mm
Weight: 45,2 kg
Load Capacity: 10 kg per tray
Maximum Speed: 0,8 m/s 
Minimum Passage Width: 70 cm
Maximum Slope Angle: 5°
Battery Capacity: 48 V 12 Ah

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