Scrubber 50 Pro

An AI-powered all-in-one cleaning robot that streamlines cleaning tasks (scrubbing, sweeping, dust mopping) with minimal human intervention.

It is autonomously updating its map and managing tasks like battery charging and water refilling. 

Product Description

Accessibility: Cleans closely to walls and reaches inaccessible areas.

3-in-1 Cleaning: Integrates scrubbing, sweeping, and dust mopping functions.

Superb Productivity: Achieves high cleaning efficiency, up to 1,490 m²/h with disc brush and 2,527 m²/h with roller brush.

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Product Dimensions

Product Size (W x D x H): 700 x 810 x 1070 mm
Max. Theoretical Productivity (with side brushes): 400-700 m²/h
Cleaning Width (with side brushes): 780 mm
Cleaning/Recovered Water Tank: 30 L/24 L
Runtime: scrubbing 3 h; dust mopping 8 h
Minimum Passable Width: 900 mm
Max. Moving Speed: 0,9 m/s
Gradeability: 8°
Charging Time: 2 h

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