An agile heavy-load couriering robot S100 designed for industrial use, capable of transporting over 100 kg. It features 24/7 operation with 3 charging options, 360° obstacle avoidance, and several safety features including anti-collision strips and emergency stop buttons.

Product Description

Narrow Passage Navigation: Thanks to T10 compact design and agile maneuverability, this delivery robot can navigate through passages with a minimum clearance of 59 cm.

100KG Load Capacity: Reliable for all your transport needs, from light items to bulky equipment.

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Product Dimensions

  • Product Size: 925 x 620 x 1282 mm
  • Weight: 87,5 kg
  • Standard Shelf Size: 865 x 60 x 80 mm
  • Minimum Passage Width: 90 cm
  • Load Capacity: 100 kg 
  • Maximum Speed: 1 m/s (adjustable)
  • Battery Life: up to 8 h 
  • Charging Time: 2,5 hours

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